The RASA-CITY Series is a cultural window allowing tourists a peek into Malaysian cultures. "RASA Melaka The Musical” is the very first production of the series, making the ancient city of Melaka its very first stop. The role Melaka plays in Malaysia culture and history is undeniably important, considering it is often the very first place for tourists to get to know Malaysia. Being a 600-year-old city, Melaka has been through ups and downs, leaving it a cauldron of various treasured memories, boiling down to the very essence of the nation’s culture and civilisation. This 60-minute musical with beautiful folkloric music will enchant, soothe, and nourish the body and soul of the audience. With the help of high-end audiovisual technology, the actors will lead the audience through a time tunnel back to Melaka 60 years ago. The musical depicts the folks of Melaka, their lives back then, and the ways they once loved and strived. Their stories are delightfully presented as a woven patchwork of sweat, tears, and laughter. The musical promises an hour of immense enjoyment, both visually and musically. If you’re thinking about this ancient city (and especially if you’re already here!) don’t forget that we have a date at RASA Melaka.

RASA-CITY旅游城市系列是游客认识马来西亚的文化窗口, RASA Melaka The Musical《触动古城》音乐剧是RASA-CITY系列的首部作品,古城马六甲作为第一站,其地位与分量都是毋庸置疑的,可以说,世界认识马来西亚,就是从马六甲开始。这座有着600多年历史的古城,历经过兴盛与衰落,这里是记忆的宝藏,这里是孕育文化与文明的摇篮。60分钟极具心灵与视听觉震撼的民族音乐剧,演员们在高端视听科技的引领下载歌载舞地带领着观众们穿梭于60年间,忙碌于柴米油盐酱醋茶的古城人生活,这里有他们的爱恨情仇,有他们的坚持不懈,有他们用汗水、泪水与笑声编织的幸福生活,一代一代充满智慧的传承故事会带给观众一次全方位的艺术视听觉盛宴与文化熏陶。古城故事多,若是你到古城来,别忘了,我们相约RASA Melaka。

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